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Commission info

🔺Base price:
(price varies based on the complexity of the drawing.)
80$ (USD) Bust up.130$ (USD) Half body.200$ (USD) Full body.(For commercial purposes, the price will double. But negociable.)🔺I only accept 1-2 commissions every month, if I get more commissions in a month, they will be queued up on the list and might take longer to finish.🔺Modifies and changes are accepted, however, if you requires too many times of modifying, there might be extra charge. (Usually would be 10-40 USD depends on the times.)🔺I accept:Semi-realistic and realistic style. Semi-realistic is normally for OCs, fanart etc. Realistic is normally for real people.Only slightly erotic is accepted.🔺TAT: Bust up: 1-3 weeksHalf body & Full body: 2 weeks-2 monthsI don't accept urgent commission. Unless the client wants to pay much more than the original price.🔺Half of the price needs to be paid before I start to draw.🔺I will update 3 stages to you: Sketch, overall color distribution, final work. You can ask me to change something that you aren't satisfied with. When you are satisfied with the final product, the other half shall be paid before I send you the original size of the image without watermark.🔺Payment via Paypal or Bank. No refunds.


Samples of commission.